Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another recipe

One thing I love about spring and summer is the abundance of delicious food we get from our CSA box. Sometimes there are things that we aren't too sure what to do with them - though our farm does provide some recipes to help out - and other times I can barely wait for the first week we get a favorite item.

In last week's box, we got quite a few greens - as you're going to at the start of a season - including a huge head of Napa cabbage. I had a few ideas of how to use it, but ultimately decided that I was in the mood for cole slaw. No one else in my family particularly likes it, which is fine by me! So I grabbed a few things that I needed to use up and concocted one of my favorite slaws to date.

Dan claimed this was the best cole slaw he's ever eaten. He doesn't like cole slaw, so I think that's a compliment. He had a serving and didn't balk. I'm sticking by his statement.

Now, my measurements are estimations since I didn't actually measure anything out. Also, since I used whatever was on hand, you can feel free to adjust as necessary. I think one of the beautiful things about most recipes, particularly salads, is that you can add in whatever you had around. This would also be tasty with some broccoli or carrots thrown in.

So here you go, my Napa Cabbage Slaw, or The Best Slaw Dan's Ever Eaten

For the dressing:
1/2 c  Mayonnaise
1/4 c  Greek Yogurt (Sour Cream would probably work too)
2 T    Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 t  Kosher Salt
1/2 t  Celery Seed (I love Celery Seed!)
1/4 t  Ground Black Pepper

Combine all in a medium bowl until blended and creamy

For the salad:
1 Large Head Napa Cabbage Shredded/cut into thin ribbons
1 Tart Apple, julienne/thinly sliced - I used Fuji, but Granny Smith would be divine
2 Small Cucumbers, seeded and julienne/thinly sliced (I didn't cut the seeds out of one cuke and it added a lot of water)

Combine in a large bowl. Pour on dressing and coat well. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours - the longer the better. I had some for breakfast and it was somehow even better than at dinner. 

I love summertime salads - no cooking, no heat, no boiling water to add to the humidity. Ahhh. Give me greens in the summer and I am on happy lady.