Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Track

Last night I ran at The Pavilion when Dan got home from work. Something must be happening because all day I was actually looking forward to going there. Of course there are two reasons that would usually explain this, but they were pretty good yesterday. (Though I'm starting to think I may feel a top tooth pushing through on EF. This would mean he's getting teeth nearly 10 months earlier than his sister did)

Anyway, I ran more than I walked for the full mile. I think, in total, I ran about 8 laps or so, of the 11.5 (we'll just say 12) necessary for the mile. My biggest problem was that it was getting more and more crowded. The Pavilion is a pretty hopping place most of the time anyway, there are always people coming and going out of the parking lot at any rate. I think I would have done a few more laps, but I got tired of weaving in and out of the mix of people - old couples (who are just the sweetest to see), middle-aged men who are really fast, and people that can't seem to stay in their lane (drifting onto the dividing lines).

Plus, I had cooked dinner in my running clothes before I left (those Egg Rolls), and I could smell them every so often. It started to make me veer off the track as I approached the exit - knowing they were a scant 500 feet from where I was laboring away.

All that to say I think things are going well. For me. And that's one reason to be glad.


  1. Way to go! That is great! I loved that the smell of eggrolls made your body vere to the exit.

  2. Hey Bekea - It's Liz E. from Eastern. I was thinking about the gym thing on FB and came to your blog to see if you're written.

    I really related to this blog because I think one of my biggest obstacles with getting heathlier is not the better food choices or the exercising, it's being around people. I normally go to the gym when I know it won't be as busy because I tend to feel more and more insecure as more people come in. Now part of this I think is probably some spiritual warfare going on and my own flawed human nature (tendency to doubt, have anxiety etc) BUT I get so much strength from God about the nutrition/fitness thing I'm doing.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm really proud of you for deciding to be healthier (and I don't mean for that to sound condescending or sappy but as a source of encouragement). Keep it up hun! You can do it